Run For Your Life!

It really irritates me when I hear stories of women who died as a result of domestic violence because they were afraid of the stigma of the society.

I ask myself, what stigma? Is it the stigma that you left a beast who wants to kill you or you understand that your life is precious and should be cherished and you take a walk?

Hell no! This has got to stop!

If you are a woman and he curses you talk more of hitting you, what are you waiting for?!!!

Run and I repeat, Run for your life.

Call for help if you have to but just make sure you leave that environment.

To all the men who do not know the value of a woman, I promise you your cup will soon be full!

You dare lay your filthy hands on someone who carries your babies for nine crazy months!

Bleeds compulsorily and painfully every month!

Cooks your meal every day!

And still performs her wifely duties every night at least!

You were made to protect her……protect her you must or you better still, don’t commit to her!

For the love of money……

I have a job for you with a car and a house but you have to meet me at XYZ Hotel Lekki, he said. I know you like me and see I like you too… he continued his ramblings.

Excuse me sir, isn’t there any good public place of your choice we could see apart from a hotel?And why do you think I like you, did I send any wrong message across?

Hahaha, no my dear he laughed, but I think we need some privacy, a place away from the noise so we can reason properly and talk better. See I know you need this job so stop trying to make this whole thing hard.

Alright Sir. Arrange for our meeting and send me the address. Click, the line goes off.

Then she began to ponder, what does this man who is supposedly married with children take me for? A desperate unemployed chick who would go any length to get a job? Probably one of the numerous girls he meets on a daily basis who dash out their bodies for ‘a job with a car and a house’ who suddenly become rich overnight because ‘the Lord blessed them with a new job!’Hallelujah!

Suddenly she’s boiling with anger, first with herself for even having the conversation and considering to meet with this man!..

She picks her phone to give him a piece of my mind and let him know that she’s a jewel of inestimable value and will put up with no such trash but then her spirit says no,’ that won’t be necessary girl’. She fights it and tries to resist but her spirit man is stronger and so prevails as she throws her phone down and heaves a sigh..

She becomes annoyed with her country for making her go through this especially the ladies. She’s annoyed with her father for not building an empire for her to inherit. She’s annoyed with a system which sees immorality and social decadence as normal! She gets so annoyed that she starts to cry, she cries so hard that she quivers!

Then she stops the drama, I don’t have a “job” but i have my worth intact, I have my pride intact and at least i didn’t give myself away for a so called “job”, she says to herself. She’s excited again and goes about her duties whistling away!!! You can be sure that will be the last he will ever hear from her!

End point is, if you know your worth, you’ll never settle for anything less, not even a “job” that will cost you your joy so guys, I’ve got to run as we’ve got prayers and I need it to be able to chase more of these kind away. Hehe……Catch ya!

Your Scars; Your Message

Life is what comes along after you’ve planted something else. What are your experiences? Can you share it to bless someone else? Can you look beyond your scars and preach the message from it?

There’s this woman i know who was raped when she was very much younger, It was as if she had been cursed as virtually all the men she met either raped her or tried to sleep with her. She said it was an agonizing experience for her and she swore never to marry and to deal with any man who ventured her way.

But something happened, along the line she met this very younger lady who had not only been abused as a teenager but had also been molested by her uncle repeatedly since childhood and was also living in terrible fear as the man said that any day she told anyone, she would die as in he will kill her. You can imagine the kind of fear and terror this girl was living in!

Now the first lady in the story was enraged when she heard this little girl’s story and decided to take it up and that was how she started a movement for young girls who had been raped, saved this girl from her uncle and many others who were going through similar situations.She shares her story wherever she is called up and guess what?she’s also happily married!

Now the message this story is trying to pass across is simple; your scar is your message. Assuming this lady hadn’t stood up for this young girl, think of the damage that could have been done in the life of this girl, the many destinies she would have failed and the bitterness she would still be living in.

What is that scar in your life? That thing/event you remember and you sigh, what is it you are carrying which no one knows? That is your message to the world! Go and preach it!

Boy meets Girl!

And so I see this girl who shouldn’t be anything less than 24years with this guy of say 25-26. She smiles and blushes as he speaks to her and clings unto him like her life depends on it.

Then I come around holding a book by Joshua Harris-Boy meets Girl(I’ll recommend that book to anyone who wants to get it right in relationship cum marriage). Back to the story, she squints as she tries to view the name of the book and then looks at my face to ensure it was approachable then smiles at me which of course I returned with a smile. Then she says timidly, “pls can I see your book?” Sure, I replied handing it to her.

Now if you know this book you can relate it to strong spiritual principles of relationship and takes great discipline and the fear of God to adhere to.

Leaning on a nearby car, this young man who had been engaging the lady started a conversation with me and before we could finish three lines, I had rated him as-arrogant, proud and full of himself and in my most courteous manner, I ended the discussion seeing we both didn’t share same values.

Now back to our beautiful lady friend, I can see her getting engrossed in the book and I’m happy within me! But something happened, suddenly one of the friends of her sugar plum comes to her and says, ‘what book is that?’and she says non chalantly, ‘just one of those motivational books’ and my head pops like seriously?and then she hands it over to me.

Fast forward to 2weeks, someone works up to me and says, “Hello Love” and I’m like “Hello” as I ransack my brain trying to figure out where I met this guy. Then it clicks! That’s the boy meets girl lady’s friend! Hehe. And so we exchange pleasantries and I’m like, ‘how’s your girl friend’ and he says almost immediately, my friend. *smiles* Nice one bruv…….

So let’s end this story, I figured that men always want to be around women who are confident.

Dear girl friend, being clingy and laughing at the slightest bit of whatever he says doesn’t make him want to be with you or keep you but rather it depicts one thing, low self esteem.

A woman who knows whom she really is does not need to throw herself at any man to gain his attention.

Like the beautiful lady in the story, I know and see a lot of ladies who their esteem has been battered probably because of financial dependence on a guy or emotional support which most times involves sex.

Truth be told, you will never be valued this way but I’ve got good news for you! There’s a way out and VET has come to show you that way! In the upcoming series, we will be sharing some life changing stories which will enable you take that bold step you’ve been wanting to.

Feel free to drop your comments, share your experiences and share with others.

What the heck is VET!

Hello world!

So your wondering, what’s this blog about seeing a lot of blogs are springing up everyday. I’ll tell you!

First, VET stands for Venus Empowerment Trust and Our

Motto is: Giving a voice to the voiceless

Our Philosophy is: Creating a world where love, courage, self discovery and excellence thrives.

Vision: To empower young girls who have been abused and so lost their self esteem, to enable them impact their societies and become shining examples for others to follow.

Mission: To nurture and empower less privileged young girls whose esteem have been battered as a result of abuse, give them a new direction.

As part of our mission, we are all out to see these young girls develop and achieve their full social, spiritual, physical and intellectual potentials as individuals and as responsible citizens and members of their immediate environment and the international community at large.

Now this is just an intro into what to expect from this blog site so sit back, relax and let’s reason together on how to change the lives of these lil princesses!

I’ll be back…….